WSIB (Workplace Injury)

Physiotherapy for a WSIB Claim

The WSIB (Workplace Safety & Insurance Board) is a government agency that provides no-fault compensation for Ontario workplaces covered under the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act, 1997.

Ontario workers who have suffered an injury while at work are most commonly covered under the provincial Workplace Safety & Insurance Board (WSIB) regulations.

LV Physiotherapy is a registered service provider for WSIB claims and will be happy to assist you during the WSIB process.

Once WSIB has approved your claim, our physiotherapist can assess your condition to determine your specific injuries, inform you of your physiotherapy treatment options and submit any required information to WSIB. The physiotherapy fees will be handled between our office and WSIB.  

After you have reported a workplace injury to your employer you will need to fill out a Form 6 which is separate from the incident report you gave to your employer. A Form 6 can be found on the WSIB website. A patient can claim benefits within 6 months after this report.

Your physiotherapist at LV Physiotherapy can fill out the necessary healthcare professional forms for your WSIB claim.

WSIB injuries associated with shoulder, low back and musculoskeletal injuries will fall into a plan of care.

LV Physiotherapy will utilize a variety of treatment techniques and protocols to most effectively treat your specific condition and enable you to return to work in a timely manner and at your full capabilities.